Our goal

Our goal

Our goal is simple: we’re building a company that’s going to become the best employment destination for talented Ukrainian programmers.

Our mission

Our mission

We aim to advance the growth of IT in our country by attracting Swedish businesses to Ukraine’s software development sector.

Our values

Our values

Quality, Honesty, Respect. We believe these are the cornerstones of an inclusive working environment and productive teamwork.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy

We maintain a competitive edge via a focus on the latest technologies combined with a flat, non-hierarchical organization structure.

Our Team

  • Oscar Öberg
    Oscar Öberg Economy

    oscar [at] developersbay.se

    • Erik Zellman
      Erik Zellman Account Manager

      erik.z [at] developersshore.com

      • Mia Pääsuke
        Mia Pääsuke Marketing Manager Sweden

        mia [at] developersbay.se

        • Vlad Bagnuk
          Vlad Bagnuk Marketing Manager Ukraine

          bagnuk [at] developersshore.com

          • Joel Johansson Matikka
            Joel Johansson Matikka Account Manager

            joel [at] developersshore.com

            • Eugene Vasylevskiy
              Eugene Vasylevskiy General Manager Ukraine

              eugene [at] developersshore.com

              • Vlad Kravchenko
                Vlad Kravchenko Talent& Community Manager

                vlad [at] developersshore.com

                • Viktor Nyberg
                  Viktor Nyberg Sales Manager

                  viktor [at] developersshore.com

                  • Jonas Jakobsson
                    Jonas Jakobsson Account Manager

                    jonas [at] developersshore.com

                    • David Ekenvi
                      David Ekenvi Business Development

                      david [at] developersshore.com

                      • Maria Windna
                        Maria Windna Marketing Manager

                        (Parental leave)

                        • Maria Virgin
                          Maria Virgin Financial Manager

                          Developers Shore

                          • Peter Kolnhofer
                            Peter Kolnhofer Business Development

                            peter [at] developersshore.com