We are creating the most interesting and rewarding community for the best developers in Ukraine.


Our goal is to offer the most attractive assignments in Sweden and other Nordic countries for Ukrainian developers and to become the number one place for great developers to meet.

The cornerstones of our community is

  • Career opportunities with clients in Sweden and other Nordic countries.
  • Bonus rewards for giving tips about other great devs matching an assignment
  • Events – physical and digital meetings where you can develop as a person and be inspired. 
  • Digital forum for networking with other community members, reach out to get tips about solutions, cooperate and make new friends.  

We already connected with lots of great people. Close to 600 actually! Do you want to be the next one and help us create a great community?

Why us?

Our agency is an open door environment. Our office is a place where people can learn new things and share their experience during regular meetups and event of all sorts. Our team is a collective of intelligent individuals who enjoy the company of each other. Whether it’s working side by side or grabbing a few beers with your colleagues, you’ll feel at home here 🙂

What makes us different?

Developers Shore is more than just another IT company that you work for. Joining our team is about entering a community that benefits developers in many ways.

The short answer is we’re learning from our clients when it comes to developer happiness. Working with our Swedish customers, we can see how much effort they put into building teams where people love their jobs. That’s exactly how we’re approaching teams at Developers Shore!