Who are we?

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Our goal is to offer the most attractive assignments in Sweden and other Nordic countries for Ukrainian developers and to become the number one place for great developers to meet.

What do you gain as a developer?

Membership is free of charge without any mandatory projects – each participant takes the project when it is comfortable and interesting (you can choose part-time or full-time offers). It’s like Upwork, but smaller, more reliable, and the projects can chosen by the developers themselves.

We constantly hold online and offline events where developers are inspired, meet, and develop.

Our community already has more than 850 of the best developers from Ukraine!

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How we work?

We work СlearlyConsciouslyLagom !

Developers Shore is more than just another IT company that you work for. We have a zero bureaucracy with only one cornerstone that leads us - common sense. Joining our team is about entering a community that benefits developers in many ways.

We’re learning from our clients when it comes to developer happiness. Working with our Swedish customers, we can see how much effort they put into building teams where people love their jobs. That’s exactly how we’re approaching teams at Developers Shore!


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We are very happy that our community is growing and already has more than 850 of the Best Developers from Ukraine!
We are constantly asking for feedback from our community members on what they think of working with Developers Shore.

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Swedish companies of medium and large business.


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